Blog Policies

I'm Jeanne Courtney, the owner and moderator of this blog.  Posts and comments are published at my discretion.

I believe in free speech, and I believe just as strongly in providing a protected forum, where people who share a specific point of view can feel emotionally safe.  If you are basically in agreement with HAESSM and size acceptance as ways to promote physical and mental health, or if you're new to these concepts and curious to learn, I hope you'll find my blog useful and supportive. It's fine to talk here about personal challenges and struggles you've had with trying to accept your size, and (within the guidelines below) you can feel free to share positive, negative, mixed, or evolving feelings you have about your own body.  If you want to debate against Health at Every Size or advocate for weight loss, this blog is not a good fit for you, and I'm confident you'll find numerous other forums out there to meet your needs. A post or comment will not be published if it:

--Contains stories about struggles with your weight or dieting, if weight loss is still your goal
--Quotes news items, opinions, or "research" summaries promoting the notion that "obesity" causes disease or is caused by poor health practices, or that size discrimination is acceptable
--Promotes weight loss dieting, weight loss surgery, or other practices the Health at Every SizeSM model considers dangerous
--Devalues any body type for aesthetic or other reasons
--Uses hate language, stereotypes, or slurs to describe any person, population, or community
--Contains name-calling, intimidation, or any kind of personal attack
--Belittles someone even if it's done indirectly or cleverly
--Contains obscene or offensive language
--Contains sexual content not directly relevant to size acceptance, or any sexual language not appropriate for all ages. (Hint: imagine you have a 12-year-old daughter who's feeling shame about her body -- would your post be okay for her to read?)
--Solicits connections for dating (there are many personal ad sites out there for BBWs and their admirers)
--Contains advertising of any kind
--Is clearly off-topic (Hint: if if you believe your topic is relevant to size acceptance but that wouldn't be obvious to others, please explain the connection in your post.)

Basically, please do your best to honor each woman brave enough to come here and share what it's like for her to live in her body, and do all you can to support her in learning to love it exactly as it is.

A NOTE ABOUT PRIVACY:  Please be aware that this blog is set up so that anyone can read it, whther or not they sign up to "follow" it, and monitor your privacy settings accordingly.  Feel free to post anonymously if you wish.  If you have a private question for me, you can email   Be aware that even with email there are limits to how much security the technology of the internet can provide.  You can also reach me by phone at 510-527-5662, ext. 2.